I wish hating school wasn’t “cool”. I wish all teachers valued what they teach. I hate how so many abuse the privilege they have and screw around in class on their phones. I love to learn and I hate how if I say that I am a teachers pet or trying to hard or even a nerd. I am so mad at myself for switching schools. I am going to miss the love and passion my teachers had and I am going to miss expanding the way I think as much as I can. It’s not fair to me if I say I want to stay at a school and my whole family says it is because of a boy. I can’t do anything for me. My family constantly nagged me and made fun of me for where I enjoyed going to school and I gave in so it would stop. My biggest regret is giving up on something I care about. Ready for this new school year of hell to begin.

I don’t expect anybody to understand this but I just really needed to rant
About it.


when a stupid slut asks if there’s going to be a swimming pool

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"What do you plan to do with your future?"


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I wonder if butterflies talk shit about each other

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We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?


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I would just like to take this moment to personally thank Luke Hemmings for not cutting up his shirts like his fellow band mates

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petition for disney to make a whole new channel dedicated to old shows

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why do guys look so hot when they drive

cos we’re too stupid to work the air conditioning

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